Everybody Struggles…

What my major task entailed

Hello, there. It’s your fav Audrey again 🙂

To begin, for my Outreachy internship, I chose the Apache Fineract-CN project which is built using the Java language and the Spring Framework. This project was intriguing to me, hence I was prompted to work on it based on the following reasons:

  • The project is written in the Java Language, and I wanted to expand my knowledge of Java
  • I wanted to take part in a projected which affected my community/environment the most directly.

The tasks I had to carry out involved me having to update and upgrade the entire project which was made up of a total of 35 microservices, given that I worked on a cloud-native application…

Updating/Upgrading the project means I had to:


Outreachy Experience

Who I am

Hello, I am called Audrey Ndum. I’m a lady at 21, and I love to code!

I am a Software Developer with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering. I love programming because it helps bring very abstract concepts to life. I’ve used a few languages so far in my career such as Java, Javascript, Python, Ruby, and Php.